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In Perfum Packaging we are aware that packaging has a big impact on the environment. Therefore, we are firmly committed to respecting and preserving our natural environment. Likewise, promoting an environmentally responsible behavior is among our company?s main objectives.

This is evidenced in the fact that Perfum Packaging has implemented an Environmental Management System certified according to Standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001, Environmental Management. By implementing this set of processes and practices, we seek to reduce the environmental impact and increase our operational efficiency.

Our Environmental Management System seeks to promote eco-friendly practices, maintaining at the same time our highest quality standards, protecting and preserving our customers? products in optimal conditions during their useful life.

Our environmental policy establishes the following principles:

  • Rationalizing the use of resources and raw materials.
  • Reducing the production of waste and recycling and reusing it whenever possible, otherwise making sure its disposal is made following environmentally friendly practices.
  • In-depth research of environmental risks in each and every one of the activities we perform.
  • Focusing on continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  • Complying with the legislation applicable to our activity and our customers? requirements and preferences.

At Perfum Packaging, not only do we try to maintain our product?s high quality standards, but we try to improve them as well while contributing to reduce our company?s impact on the environment.

Our commitment is to keep our eyes wide open to incorporate any technical development that helps us to achieve a clear goal: quality packaging with as little environmental impact as possible.